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  • Čistoča 7,7
  • Infrastruktura 7,3
  • Lokacija 5,9
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 7,9
  • Storitev 8,5
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 8,0
  • Hrana/postrežba: 7,0
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Willa iz Združene Države Amerike
Popotniki, ki potujejo sami
modro-vojolična soba s klimatsko napravo
Bival/-a 2 noči februar 2014
Good for a private getaway.
Staff, oceanfront location
Great view and beautiful setting. Very secluded, not close to popular Along beach, or anything really. They didn't know I was coming so no staff was there, and I didn't have a towel, but they were really awesome kind once they got there, and I enjoyed hanging out with them, and getting to know the one other guest group. I was the only guest on one of nights so know that it's really private. The pool is great to swim in. Cold showers. Some damage from earthquakes/storms.
Ocenjeno 01 marec 2014

Sunneye iz Združene Države Amerike
modro-vojolična soba s klimatsko napravo
Bival/-a 3 noči januar 2014
Quiet, restful place
Peaceful, friendly staff, beautiful view
It was a beautiful, peaceful place that was very affordable. The only disadvantage is that it is about 20 minutes from the central beach area.
Ocenjeno 28 februar 2014

Louie iz Avstralija
Standardna, ventilator
Bival/-a eno noč avgust 2013
Interior but had clean rooms and friendly staff.
quietness and friendly staff
It took a bit of time to get to the hotel because it was very interior and the road was rocky. Friendly staff greeted us and checking in and out was quick. The place is quiet, ideal for people who want a bit of peace. Very close to the ocean but the place was still upgrading (swimming pool wasn't finished then).
Ocenjeno 19 januar 2014

Dave iz Združene Države Amerike
modro-vojolična soba s klimatsko napravo
Bival/-a 4 noči december 2013
best to avoid
the neighboring resorts pool, the neighboring resorts bar,
This is not near anything. Alona Beach is a good 12 km a way and getting there can be hectic. The place does not offer much for food. Some rooms have a bathroom some share a community bathroom. Wifi is unreliable.
Ocenjeno 11 januar 2014

Ford iz Združene Države Amerike
Koča Native
Bival/-a 5 noči september 2013
Great place to escape and see real Philippines
Seclusion, food, and friendly staff
I loved my stay. The hostess was fun and very accommodating! The cliff is fun to jump off and the reef is beautiful. My only complaint was the constant construction going on next door. But that's what I get for traveling in the off season
Ocenjeno 18 september 2013

Louie iz Avstralija
Koča Native
Bival/-a eno noč avgust 2013
good enough for a night's rest
quietness, friendly staff, easy check in and out
The fact that the phone numbers provided at their website weren't reachable or not working made it even harder to find our way their. The location was very interior and the way there was a bumpy ride. Once there, it was peacecull. Would've been better if the pool was finished during our stay. The meals were over priced.
Ocenjeno 14 september 2013

William iz Združene Države Amerike
Standardna, ventilator
Bival/-a 2 noči februar 2013
Quiet, peaceful place with nice cliff views
Nicee staff, clean rooms
Nice staff and ice views. There are stairs to the ocean below the cliff. Not a beach resort but peaceful.
Ocenjeno 15 marec 2013

Robin iz Nizozemska
modro-vojolična soba s klimatsko napravo
Bival/-a 3 noči februar 2013
Very friendly, quiet, cute place to stay
Very friendly staff, relaxed, great view, cheap, snorkeling in front of the resort
We started our stay in Panglao in this resort. Although it was a bit hard to find (the driver didn't know where it was) and it was quite secluded, we really enjoyed our stay. The staff is very friendly. Dinner is good, although not vary varied. You can snorkel at the reef beneath the cliff, nice!
Ocenjeno 18 februar 2013

Vincent iz Združene Države Amerike
Popotniki, ki potujejo sami
modro-vojolična soba s klimatsko napravo
Bival/-a 4 noči december 2012
Lovely staff - isolated location...
The people working there are very accommodating and helpful.
it's about a 25 minute commute to alona beach from the little resort, and there's very little to do nearby or at the resort. it's pleasant, but isolated, so if you go, be ready for some reading time and to pay pesos for a taxi or to pay 400 pesos to rent a motorbike. communicate clearly about all fees and charges before you checkout.
Ocenjeno 09 januar 2013

ANDREY iz Rusija
Popotniki, ki potujejo sami
Standardna, ventilator
Bival/-a 2 noči januar 2015
колхозный отельчик
нет таковых
Бпонировали на 2 ночи, съехали на первой. Отель находится в жутком месте, спуск в море даже для дайвинга не реальный. Бассейн в отеле рядом за 200песо. Номера наверху со скошеными потолками, так и норовишь удариться головой. У кондишена два режима - ВКЛ и выкл. Еда по сравнению с другими отелями и кафе скудная. Не советую. Отель только открылся , может поэтому еды нет
Ocenjeno 07 januar 2015





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