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  • Čistoča 7,9
  • Infrastruktura 9,0
  • Lokacija 8,1
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 7,6
  • Storitev 7,9
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 8,5
  • Hrana/postrežba: 6,7
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Ken iz Avstralija
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a 2 noči september 2014
I Just Reviewed Phuket Backpacker Last Week
Location, Services, Other Guests
I cannot fault Phuket Backpacker. I stayed here a week ago and came back again for the Vegetarian Festival. This is my fourth stay and the only change I have noticed which I didn't like is that the owner keeps putting back the time the aircon in the dorms goeson. Now it is back to 10pm but much worse wouldhave to happen to stop me coming. I like the fact that they have real computers although these could do with a bit of TLC as well, mr owner. They also have a big selection of DVDs which you can play on the TV if you can't find anything to do. If you've had it with Patong, relax in town at Phuket Backpackerson Ranong
Ocenjeno 03 oktober 2014

Ken iz Avstralija
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a 4 noči september 2014
I Love This Place
Comfort, Location, Communal Areas
I always have plansto travel onwards from Phuket but each time I go I get stuck at the Backpackers because it is just so good. I always meet interesting characters here. Free proper computers, not just WiFi.I have escaped to Ao Nang whereI'm at Slumber Party Two which is excellent too but not an institution like Phuket Backpackers where there are lotsof comfy lounges and DVD movies to watch in them. None of that here at Ao Nang! I am going back to Phuket for the Vegetarian Festival beginning October 24. If you are very lucky I might just see you there!
Ocenjeno 21 september 2014

Oscar iz Velika Britanija
Samostojni potnik
Standardna, ventilator
Bival/-a 2 noči junij 2014
surprisingly comfortable.
close to town centre, clean rooms, friendly staff
For the price I wasn't expecting much, but what I got was a newly renovated room and a hassle free stay. Would recommend for the budget traveller!
Ocenjeno 06 julij 2014

jingyuan iz Kitajska
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a 3 noči maj 2014
Ocenjeno 14 maj 2014

Jasmine iz Malezija
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a 3 noči februar 2014
Comfort , valueable & excellent
comfort, valueable & good cleanliness
Good good good good good good good good good good good good good
Ocenjeno 26 februar 2014

Zongfeng iz Kitajska
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a 2 noči november 2013
a cool / comfortable hostel
1. nice layout, 2. helpful staffs, 3. international atomsphere
I kidded with my friends that Phuket Backpacker Hostel is the coolest and most internationalized jail i've ever lived in..
Ocenjeno 21 november 2013

Robert iz Velika Britanija
Samostojni potnik
Standardna, ventilator
Bival/-a eno noč oktober 2013
Great Location
Cheap, secure and well located.
I stayed for one night and was pretty satisfied. Good location to see Phuket town. It was a well organised efficient backpackers.
Ocenjeno 08 oktober 2013

Terry iz Avstralija
Samostojni potnik
standardna s klimatsko napravo
Bival/-a eno noč avgust 2013
Well positioned for flights/ferries
Central position, good travel desk, lack of hassle
This was maybe my 20th stay here - there are cheaper places in Phuket town but I find it ideal because it has a good travel desk and unlike places at the beaches is relatively close to the ferry piers and the bus station. Songthaew buses to all over the island start from 50m up the street outside the fresh food markets. I have stayed in all 3 types of accommodation. The dorms are much better these days, being sealed from downstairs and street noise and airconditioned. The aircon singles/doubles in a separate reconditioned building a few doors up the street are simple but comfortable (my choice again this trip). My only reservations are the fan rooms where I stayed last February - out the back in a garden setting they tend to get heat soak from the roofs and are a bit hot. No matter which option you pick you have access to the bar lounge at street level, the free PCs (also free wifi), the tv/dvd lounge and of course the kitchen. There are plenty of restaurants nearby and a very convenient 24/7 7/11 supermarket.
Ocenjeno 20 avgust 2013

Michelle iz Avstralija
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a eno noč maj 2013
Helpful staff, comfortable& clean, close transport
songthaews closeby, friendly/helpful staff, cheap
Comfortable. Staff did whatever they could to find out what I wanted and provide me with information & directions. Food is available but not allowed to take own food to hostel - kind of counters the whole inexpensiveness of budget travel.. Bathroom fixtures/shower-heads/taps etc need attention but still useable. I liked it here because the staff were genuinely helpful. The lock on the dorm door didn't lock but I had a locker and I also locked my pack to the bed. Nice balcony to sit outside. Books to read, pool tables and music - a really friendly and welcoming place. I could catch a songthaew to local shopping centre (about 20 minutes) for 20baht and a motorcycle taxi back for 80baht (songthaews finish around 6pm) a taxi would have cost 200-300baht. Songthaew to the beaches is around 30baht, 45 minutes - very cheap transport. Songthaew to main bus terminal to go elsewhere in Thailand (about 20 minutes) 20 (or 30?) baht - just make sure driver or someone on board knows that you don't know where to get off or you may miss it.
Ocenjeno 04 junij 2013

Sei iz Malezija
Samostojni potnik
Skupna spalnica
Bival/-a eno noč april 2013
great location
clean,attentive staff great location to local beaches
Ocenjeno 13 april 2013





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